Our Coffee



Sunrise is probably the best and purest way to start your day. Made from high quality, 100% organic Arabica, grown by a tribal co-operative in Araku Valley (A.P.), the coffee is light bodied and has bold and fruity notes. This coffee is making to the top shelves of connoisseurs around the world and is best enjoyed black or with just a dash of milk, on ice!


Hustle is a blend specially crafted for two purposes; fuelling you up to make the most of your day and highlighting Robusta coffee. Indian Robusta coffee is probably the best in the world and has been neglected for far too long. This blend has been curated to highlight these specialty Robustas which accentuates it and gives it a kick thanks to its quick release caffeine properties. A bold blend with notes of Cocoa, Caramel, and Orange, the coffees originates from Coorg and Chikmangloor and are cultivated anywhere from 3100 to 5800 ft. It is best enjoyed with a dash of milk and on ice.

Southern Sunset

The southern sunset is our ode to the immortal filter coffee. A special blend of Arabicas, specialty Robustas and Chicory gives this blend the most delicious bouquet of flavors (cocoa and bright acidity) and rich creamy mouthfeel. The beans are shade-grown in Coorg at 2300-3300 ft. Lower in caffeine and slightly sweetened, this blend is perfect for any time of day and is best enjoyed with milk (or condensed milk) and lots of ice!


We use all-natural ingredients and the process is designed to extract maximum flavor and caffeine, while keeping the beneficial qualities intact. This also allows us to ensure each coffee is as close to its natural roots as possible. We brew all our coffees in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Specialty Coffee Association.


Our coffee is medium roasted and ground every day. We invest in raw, natural and organic varieties with select blends including 100% certified organic, free trade Arabica. Our sourcing partners are specialty plantations based in Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh that are committed to sustainable farming.


One roast doesn't suit everything. We aim at delivering the best, so we tailor blend and roast multiple times to increase freshness and bring out the desired flavor profiles.


We pick the best quality coffee and cold brew the same for up to 24 hours, depending on the blend and the end use. This is followed up by a triple filtration process, ensuring a complex, smooth and full-bodied brew with low-acid and a chocolate finish.


We also give you the option to infuse your coffee with natural flavors such as vanilla, hazelnut, cocoa or cinnamon. We only use natural, and organic wherever possible, ingredients for this. We also introduce seasonal flavors and most of our spices are procured from around the coffee plantations themselves.

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